Welcome to Your Auto Glass Repair Shop in LAUREL

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto glass repair shop? Look no further! We offer all-inclusive service across all major car brands and deliver only the best quality at a fair price.


We are glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find information about our daily work and our services. Our team will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Our Business

Our prices are fair and competitive. We use high quality materials and workmanship to assure maximum security for you and your passengers. Windshields are a key component in the structural integrity of your vehicle. Our technicians are trained to ensure you receive a factory perfect installation. We use the latest installation methods and glass products.

At Pro guard auto glass, we are able to provide the most advanced materials available for a clean installation. All glass replacements meet safety standards. Make the safest choice and call us first. You may reach us at our 24 hour service number 301-219-6907.



It can happen everyday that small chip or major  damages of your car need to be repaired. The unexpected can happen at any time. We can help repair minor or major damage, across a wide variety of vehicle makes. Furthermore, we offer oem glass on request. (price is different than after market  glass)